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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

What do our pupils do next?

Abi (Finished at Longcause in 2021)

We are so proud of our former pupil, Abi, who has achieved remarkable milestones since her time with us, where she began her Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award journey. She received her DofE Gold Award and met His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace, a testament to her perseverance, creativity, and resilience.


As a dedicated advocate for neurodiversity, Abi serves as the Neurodiverse Ambassador and student representative at City College Plymouth. She educates others through talks on neurodiversity to college staff, job centre employees, and Plymouth Active staff, and is creating a myth-busting video on learning disabilities and autism.


Abi's academic and career achievements are outstanding. She won the Student of the Year Award for Hospitality and Catering and is pursuing a Level 3 qualification in Patisserie and Confectionery. She continues to work as a lifeguard, showcasing her commitment and versatility.


In sports, Abi represents Team England in international para swimming competitions and was a finalist for the Influential Swimmer of the Year Award in 2022. She aspires to qualify for the Paralympic Games while raising awareness of disabilities and autism in girls.


Abi’s journey, which started at Longcause, is a testament to her indomitable spirit, demonstrating that challenges can be overcome with determination and resilience. Her story inspires and advocates for an inclusive world for all individuals.

Jack (Finished at Longcause in 2019)

Our former pupil Jack, was honoured with both the Higher Education Student of the Year Award and also the Leadership Award at the City College Plymouth Awards ceremony in June 2024. We couldn't be prouder of Jack's achievements and wish him every success in the continuation of his education and beyond!

Paul (Finished at Longcause in 2018)

Our former pupil Paul has achieved his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Here he is pictured at Buckingham Palace on his special day, where he received this prestigious honor.


Paul began his Duke of Edinburgh journey at Longcause, earning his Bronze Award with us in 2018 before continuing with the program at City College Plymouth.


Paul now works for Routeways, an organization dedicated to providing physical, outdoor, and adventurous opportunities for disadvantaged people across the city.


We are incredibly proud of Paul's achievements. He is an inspirational example for everyone connected to Longcause.


When Dan was at Longcause he wanted to do some work experience at the train station but they weren't taking anyone on so we went to the newly open coach station and asked them. Dan then started a placement with National Express and continued it after leaving Longcause. During a recent school trip a coach turned up to transport the pupils and our driver was no other than Dan. He qualified as a coach driver and started working for National Express but recently had moved to Tallyho.
It was great to see him fulfilling his dream to become a coach driver and his work experience enabled him to get there.


Charlie was one of our 2015 leavers. Since leaving us he has been successful at College and worked his way through Project Search at Derriford Hospital.  We have seen him in different settings such at working in the kitchen at St Elizabeth House Hotel as well where he was able to support one of our Year 11 pupils on their work experience. Most recently he was seen working in the restaurant at Derriford Hospital...




Luke was a 2016 leaver.  He transitioned to Duchy College from Longcause where he has a successful year but things started to change for Luke and he moved to City College, Plymouth. Through City College, Luke has accessed the Project Search programme and is now enjoying success in a placement with the porter team at Derriford Hospital.


Luke has also secured a part time job working in a busy Plymouth coffee house.

Luke has now progressed onto working in The Dog Dip and featured in the local paper:



Elysia was a 2017 leaver and experienced quite a tricky pathway to where she finds herself now.  After transitioning from Longcause to City College, Elysia had a difficult time and felt that her needs would be better met elsewhere.  Elysia received support from Longcause as well as other professionals and she secured a place with Eat That Frog. This is continuing to go successfully and she is currently applying for apprenticeships.


In addition to this, Elysia is learning to drive and working hard at passing her theory test.


Alfie was a 2019 leaver. He left Longcause to go to City College, Skills Development.  In between leaving Longcause and starting College, Alfie enjoyed an amazing opportunity with NCS ( which really geared him up for his successful start at City College.  Alfie is currently in Year 1 of his Skills Development course and experiencing six week blocked timetables where he has sessions in media, music, physical activity as well as continuing to build on his English and Maths skills.