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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Longcause most recent results - KS4

We are delighted to share for another year running all of our Year 11s left and went on to full time education Post 16. 



Key Stage 4 accreditations summary 2021-2022


As a Special School for Children with cognition and learning needs, we have a curriculum driven by those needs. We enter children for accreditations as appropriate, rather than a one size fits all. In the Academic year of 2021/22 we had 8 children in Year 11. The results are set out below

Longcause Core Subjects: 


Further accreditations:


End of Year 11 2020-2021 accredited outcomes

KS4 Pupil progress information and end of Year 11 accredited outcomes 2019-2020

KS4 Pupil Progress information and end of Year 11 accredited outcomes 2018-2019



End of Year 2017-2018 Pupil Progress information for KS4 pupils (including Pupil Premium pupil information)