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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life


 Longcause Learning For Life
with Respect, Determination and Friendship

Our school motto embraces our passion for giving pupils learning experiences that really are for life- life now and life beyond school.  

Our Vision
At Longcause School, we aim to be leading ambassadors and educators for children with Autism in the South West.

 Our goal is to provide high quality education for children on the autism spectrum., to be a centre of excellence. We respect and celebrate people on the autism spectrum.
We are committed to enhancing their life, well-being, abilities and successes.
We have a passion to understand, support, teach and enhance. We value compassion and professional excellence working in partnership with families.


 Longcause Community Special School is for children aged  4-16.  The school is Autism friendly,where pupils support one another and staff and families work closely together for the best outcomes for their children. 


We specifically cater for the needs of children with communication and interaction difficulties together with cognition and learning. This means that our children usually have a moderate learning difficulty as well as an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). The school usually has 98 children on roll. Many of our pupils have associated difficulties such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, or other specific Learning Difficulties. This school is the only one of its kind in the West of Devon.


At Longcause we welcome visitors. If you would like to know more about what we do please come and visit us. You can be assured of a warm welcome and a tour. We have many visitors who on visiting for the first time  say ‘it is not at all how I imagined a special school to be !’   

Our ethos :

At Longcause we are passionate about working with children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC). We believe that an outstanding school for children with an ASC needs to have strengths in the areas that are very difficult for someone with ASC- communication, flexibility of thought and social understanding. Therefore at Longcause we aim to be:
  • Great at communicating with the pupils and families
  • Flexible in our approach to meet pupils individual needs whatever that may be
  • And have good social understanding.


Our Autism friendly approach means:


  • We try to see things from an Autism perspective in order to help pupils learn the skills and understanding that they need.
  • Our class sizes are usually between 6-12 pupils with a high staffing ratio in order to best address the needs of the pupils. ·

  • Strong tutor system with supportive teaching assistants who know pupils well and provide consistency.

  • Teaching has a high visual content.

  • Structure and routines that support pupils.

  • We have highly motivating reward systems.

  • Individualised flexible programmes for pupils that need.

  • Tidy, orderly, clutter free environment and chill out spaces.

  • Short lessons with supported transitions.

  • Highly staffed break and lunch times with structured activities available for those that prefer and many different spaces available to relax.