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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Staff and Governor Safeguarding Training




Attended By

Course Title


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Online safety for DSLs (The National College) Sept 2023 for Special Schools


Understanding sexual Violence for DSLs for special schools 

Sept 2023


Online safety for DSLs for Special Schools 1st Oct 2023 


Annual advanced Certificate in safeguarding for DSLs in special schools 2023 


Annual Certifcate in Safer Recruitment for special schools 2023/24


Understanding Fundamental British Values for special schools 1st Oct 2023 


Filtering and monitoring: Achieving compliance in Line with KCSIE 2023 Primary 1st October 2023 

Level 3 Safeguarding Training

-Working Together to Safeguard Children 

-Child Protection Training 

-DSL Advanced Training for SEN Schools - September 2019

- Child Protection Refresher  - November 2022


- Safer Recruitment 


-Building Support for Children & Young People in Plymouth 

-Gateway Briefing

-PSCB Safeguarding Briefings 


-Managing Allegations - December 2022

-Prevent - October 2022


-CPI Training 

-Female Genital Mutilation 

-Raising Awareness Prevent 

-Attachment and Trauma 

-FGM online

-Channel Awareness online

-Bomb Threats & Counter Terrorism

 -Current Safeguarding Booklet

-Mental Toughness- resilient learner

-Sexual Violence between children course

-Mental Health Supervision 

-Mental and Emotional Health 

-Keeping Children Safe in Education - online update 

-Sexual Harassment & Violence inset

-Advanced Online Training

Deputy Head

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Level 3 Safeguarding Training 

-Working Together to Safeguard Training  - Sept 2021

-Child Protection Refresher  - March 2021

-DSL Refresher Training  - January 2022


-Safer Recruitment - February 2023


-Building Support for Children & Young People in Plymouth


-Whole school safeguarding refresher - Annual 

-Current Safeguarding Booklet

-Sexual Harassment & Violence inset

-Advanced Online Training 


Family Support Advisor

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Level 3 Safeguarding Training 

-Designated Safeguarding Lead  - July 2020 

-Working Together to Safeguard Children  - Sept 2020

-Understanding Child Protection - Sept 2021


 -Building Support for Children & Young People in Plymouth

-Local Offer Champions Training 


-Whole School Refresher Child Protection  - Annual 

-Online Channel Awareness

-FGM inset

-Current Safeguarding Booklet

 -EHAT training 

-Advanced Online training 

-Managing Allegations training 

-Cyber Security 

-Prevent Training 

PA/HR Lead

-Single Central Record

-Safer Recruitment


-Safeguarding Training Refresher- October 2022

-Current Safeguarding Booklet 


-Role of the Safeguarding Governor – Alan Charlick & Fred Jenkins

-Safer Recruitment - Fred Jenkins 

-FGM & Prevent briefing

-Channel Training – Alan Charlick

-Governor Online training  - Fred Jenkins

-Sexual Harassment & Violence  - update 


Whole School Training

-Whole School Refresher Child Protection -September 2022

-Current Safeguarding Booklet

-Managing Allegations training inset

-Cyber Security training inset 

-Online Channel Awareness

-FGM inset

-Online Training  - NOS

-Sexual Harassment & Violence training 

-Mind Ed Modules 


-Attachment Aware Schools (x5 TAs)

-Attachment Lead in Schools (x1 TA)


-Jocelyn Lane – CEOP training

-Natalie Fallaize - Trauma Informed Schools



In addition to the Annual Safeguarding Refresher & New Staff Inductions, all staff are made aware of the following policies and guidance and their responsibility to understand and read :-


Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2023 (Paper version given)

Whistleblowing policy

Intimate Care Policy

Behaviour & Emotional Support

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Prevent Guidance

Staff Code of Conduct

Online Safety  Policy 

Positive Mental Health Policy 

Positive Touch Policy


All staff have also read and completed questions from the 'Current Safeguarding Booklet' (2023)