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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life

The focus on reading to continue and include further development of pupils’ comprehension skills

  • Pupil progress information on reading indicates that pupils are progressing well in reading:
    • there has been a term on term increase on the number of pupils achieving a reading age of at least 9 years
    • Pupils are making sustained progress in reading (progress at each assessment point)
    • Pupils leaving Longcause at the end of Year 11 are achieving their at least their targeted outcomes in English (Functional skills and GCSE)
  • We have a member of staff delivering intensive reading intervention to pupils where they are identified by SLT as needing support
  • Class teachers are recording progress in reading across six different progress measures:
    • Reading age
    • Phonics phase
    • HFW progress
    • progress through the curriculum
    • progress against already assessed objectives in the curriculum
    • progress through reading book bands
  • Reading has been moderated against National Key Stage standards and across the six reading measures above. Moderation shows there is a direct correlation where pupils are on same/similar reading progress measures and their stage on the Key Stage standards for reading (Pre Key Stage 2)
  • Reading continues to be a priority on the School Improvement Plan and the profile of reading and pupil progress within it remains high profile across the school
  • A new assessment program for assessing early word reading (decoding) and then later reading development (comprehension and decoding) is in place
  • Staff training on how to support reading progress and the development of reading comprehension skills has been ongoing