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Subject leader: Hannah Smith

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Geography Curriculum Intent Statement


What will our pupils experience through their Geography curriculum at Longcause?

  • Opportunities to explore and enjoy - finding and exploring different places, discovering places they might enjoy spending time in or want to visit.
  • Navigation - learning to navigate the local areas and know how to navigate somewhere they need or would like to go.
  • Understand - through exploration and observation pupils will learn to understand the world around them in order to make sense of it. Developing vocabulary in order to communicate what they see and what they want to do.
  • Comparison - comparing the local area to other places in the UK and other countries.


Why do we want this?

  • To support their well being
  • To gain new experiences in order to fully engage in the world and make connections
  • To develop independence - continuing into adulthood being able to live as independently as possible (i.e. navigating to where they want to go, discovering places they could live, work, exercise, relax etc.)
  • To broaden their awareness and understanding of people and places
  • To help pupils understand how they fit into the world around them
  • Make sense of their own world and themselves
  • We want our pupils to experience what the world has to offer them
  • For the pupils holistic development



  • Geography will be taught on alternating terms, see Geography Coverage Map for topics covered:

  • Schemes of work begin with a local focus then aim to extend pupils geographical knowledge and skills with plenty of fieldwork and outdoor learning opportunities for them to explore to engage in real life experiences 
  • Schemes of work will provide a key knowledge and a key skill objective broken down into smaller steps that will be developed and reviewed through a sequence of learning.
  • We will zoom in and out of pupils' perspectives to build upon and widen their own perspective of the world.
  • Opportunities to take part in trips and annual residential visits to apply their learning.
  • Key stage 4 opportunities for Duke of Edinburgh Award and The Jubilee Challenge to apply their learning



  • Wider understanding of the world
  • Knowledge that other countries exist; knowing what is different and the same as our own local area
  • Understand their place within the world
  • Knowledge of what the world has to offer them
  • Increased awareness that people and places have similarities and differences
  • Ability to navigate the world
  • Ability to use a range of geographical vocabulary to develop their communication and social skills
  • Enjoyment of the world they live in which, in turn, will support their mental well being

Exploring what our local urban area has to offer us