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Welcome to Maths!
At Longcause, we believe that the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in Maths is essential for our pupils both now and in the future.
There are four main areas of Maths are:
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

Ratio and proportion as well as algebra are covered later in the curriculum. 


We have developed our own curriculum that embraces the way that our pupils learn and enables us to better monitor the smaller steps of progress that our pupils make. The curriculum has been based on National Curriculum objectives and continues to promote high expectations. 


The areas in our Mathematics curriculum are:


-Maths Talk


-Shape, measure, position etc. 





Pupils have daily sessions of Maths in class groups. During these lessons, we promote lots of outdoor, practical learning related to real life experiences. In KS4, Pupils work towards a Functional skills accreditation which supports them with skills that they will need for life after Longcause.




Children are given opportunities to progress within a Maths statement using concrete, pictorial and then abstract methods. Once they are confident with these steps, they move onto reasoning and problem solving. Problem solving is encouraged through real life experiences and is linked to all areas of the curriculum. Once pupils have established a concept or skill, they then move onto a different Mathematical concept. These steps are recapped regularly to ensure that pupils are able to retain skills into their long term memory. Throughout all stages, they are also encouraged to develop their Mathematical vocabulary. 


Coverage is specified through our Maths Coverage Map which you can see at the bottom of the page. At Longcause, we prioritise the areas of Number, Calculations, Money and Time. These areas are taught more frequently and in larger blocks. However, they are revisited regularly through TEACCH activities, daily routines and starters. Problem solving is encountered through every topic. 


Please see your child's Seesaw page and our Facebook page for current learning in Maths. 

Maths Timeline

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Maths at Longcause Part 1

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Maths at Longcause- Part 2

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Maths Coverage Map