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Welcome to Maths!
At Longcause, we believe that the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in Maths is essential for our pupils both now and in the future.
There are four main areas of Maths are:
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

Ratio and proportion as well as algebra are covered later in the curriculum. 


The new National Curriculum (September 2014) has caused us to make some changes in the way that we layout our Mathematics curriculum at Longcause. We now have a new curriculum in place that embraces the way that our pupils learn and enables us to better monitor all of the progress that our pupils make.


The areas in our Mathematics curriculum are:


-Maths Talk


-Shape, measure, position etc. 




Pupils have daily sessions of Maths in class groups. During these lessons, we promote lots of outdoor, practical learning. In KS4, Pupils work towards a Functional skills accreditation which supports them with skills that they will need for life after Longcause. In addition to this we also have a group of 8 pupils studying for GCSE Maths. 

We also provide lots of opportunities for pupils to develop their Maths skills through cross-curricular links. Please see your child's Seesaw page and our Facebook page for current learning in Maths.