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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life

The organisation of teaching and learning in the primary phase is embedded to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning across the whole school continues to be at least good

Since our most recent inspection, the development of TEACCH throughout the school and the confidence and ability of our wider team to develop these strategies has been paramount. During this time we have:


  • Increased the number of adults trained in TEACCH approaches and who are able to implement these strategies.
  • Staff who are new the school take part in an in depth induction, which includes training from key teachers in both Autism and TEACCH strategies. 
  • There is now an increased number of classes using a TEACCH approach. All lower school classes are now following the approach.  Additionally there are now at least half of middle school classes who are now following the same approach and using strategies either for whole classes and/ or key individuals. Between both phases there has been a consistency in the way in which the skills are progressed and the way in which systems are set up to ensure that there is a transference of skills between classes and phases as pupils transition through the school. 
  • There is now an increased number of classes within both the lower and middle school.
  • The school has been strategic where it has had specific opportunities in order to upskill key members of the teaching team so that they are job-sharing with skilled and experienced teachers in using the TEACCH strategies.
  • The particular objective in the school improvement plan continues to be a high priority and focus. There is an increased collaboration between Middle and Lower School through sharing good practice. Over the academic year 2019-2020 staff from the Lower and Middle school team participated in 'staff swaps' at three points during year in two groups, lasting for one week per cycle. This encouraged the sharing of good practice, increased the continuity for pupils transitioning between phases and increased staff knowledge in using a wider range of strategies and interventions. Moving into the 2020-2021 academic year, we intend to extend this further through providing the opportunity for staff from the upper school team to also participate in 'staff swaps' throughout the year.  
  • Moving into a new academic year, there has been further staff movement between phases so that effective strategies within one phase are integrated into another. This has also provided our teaching assistants with a wider range of opportunities for their professional development, rather than support staff consistently remaining in the same phase.