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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Cultural Capital and SMSC at Longcause School

Cultural Capital at Longcause School


All pupils at Longcause come to use with a different wealth of experiences. We recognise that these opportunities provide pupils with the essential knowledge to be able to engage with their lives beyond Longcause and become active citizens in the way in which they are most fully able to. 


By enabling all of our pupils to have a broad range of experiences, we seek to develop their curiosity and connections to the world. We also intend to provide a breadth of experiences to foster an interest in something which pupils can continue to do for leisure to further enrich their future lives beyond Longcause School. This therefore is a critical factor in driving the priorities of our subject curriculums (further information about this can be found on the subject curriculum pages). 

SMSC and Cultural Capital at Longcause School

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development at Longcause


We aim to provide a range of experiences for our pupils to further enhance the opportunities that they have. We aim to enhance pupils SMSC through:


Church visits: Harvest, Christmas, Easter

Christmas Celebrations and Nativity

Specific subject curriculums- RE, Art, DT, Positive Relationships, PE, Expressive Arts


Cultural Awareness Weeks

Open the Book visits

Enterprise events

Duke of Edinburgh 

Story sessions




Specific subject curriculums- LLfL, Positive Relationships, RE, History, PE, Art

School Council

School values- Respect, Determination, Friendship 


Behaviour Policy




Residential trips and opportunities 

Off site visits

Duke of Edinburgh 

School Council

Sports days and whole school events

Enrichment activities, for example, Sailing

Work experience

Family events- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

Longcause has got Talent

Festivals and celebrations- Harvest, Christmas, Easter

Social Learning

Longcause curriculum pathways

Personal Development Plans (PDP targets)

Daily routines 

Subject specific curriculums- LLfL, PE, Positive relationships, RE, Art, Expressive Arts, Online Safety



Festivals and celebrations- Harvest, Christmas, Easter

Cultural Awareness weeks


Remembrance Day activities

Children in Need, Comic relief, Sports Relief 

School Council

Story sessions

Subject specific curriculums- LLfL, Positive relationships, RE, Art, Expressive Arts, Online Safety