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British Values at Longcause School

British Values


At Longcause Community Special School we ensure that through our school ethos, values, rules, curriculum and daily school life that we support the pupils in understanding the importance of tolerance and respect for all pupils, families, values and beliefs, and the wider school community.


RESPECT    DETERMINATION   FRIENDSHIP...... these are our core values at Longcause. 

At Longcause Community Special School, we promote British values in the following ways:



  • Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through pupil questionnaires and surveys.
  • Parental questionnaires and involvement through EHC meetings and Annual Reviews.
  • The pupils are involved in democratic processes, such as being school councillors, house leaders and being involved in their own rewards and incentives.
  • Sports Leaders
  • School Council
  • Pupil Conferencing weeks throughout the year and weekly timetable.

Our school house system was rolled out in January 2016. Our houses are based on THE ELEMENTS: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.  All pupils and staff are in a house. Pupils are learning about team work, working together with others, competition and tolerating and supporting others.  They learn skills of leadership as they aspire to house captain position and learn to lead and motivate and nurture others within their house. 



Rule of Law

  • Our school follows its behaviour policy, where all stakeholders are involved in up keeping it’s values.
  • Pupils are regularly given opportunities to reflect on their own behaviour through weekly assemblies, in addition to the school rules being present in each classroom. Our pupils also enjoy visits from other authorities such as the Police, Fire Service and armed forces to reinforce the message.
  • Designated E-Safety and Anti-Bullying policies form an integral part of our school ethos, which are inextricably linked to our Longcause Computing and Longcause Learning for Life Curriculum documents.


Individual Liberty

  • Through our own Longcause Learning for Life Curriculum we aim to teach pupils to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms.
  • Here are Longcause we view developing pupils’ Social Communication skills at being vital in being able to prepare pupils for life in wider Britain. Talkabout interventions aim to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence and their awareness of others.  They are taught about the differences of others and that we are all unique, but valuable.
  • Through our school Behaviour policy and School rules we promote the pupils ability to make good choices and are encouraged to take responsibility for their words and actions.
  • Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, including on-line and outside of the home and school.  This is through the varying strands of our Longcause Learning for Life PSHE Curriculum, computing lessons, assemblies and designated E-Safety weeks.
  • The school also operates a robust system of logging incidents of bullying and discriminatory behaviour.


Mutual Respect

  • Whole school achievement assemblies happen weekly
  • Through strands of Social Communication within our Longcause Learning for Life Curriculum we aim to teach the pupils how to develop positive relationships, a respect for others and understanding that we are all different and value these differences.
  • Anti-bullying focus within assemblies and Anti-bullying weeks
  • Competitive sports and team building


Our collective worship time for each class gives many opportunities to reflect and consider and think of others, building mutual respect and empathy with others and their situations. Here is one class reflecting for that week...


Tolerance of Culture Faiths and Others:

  • The RE curriculum ensures that pupils are helped to develop an understanding and respect of the differences between people and their beliefs.
  • Links and visits are promoted with local and places of worship. As a whole school we take part in regular Church services at our local Church, in addition to further visits throughout the year.
  • Our Longcause Learning for Life Curriculum encourages pupils to discuss and respect the many differences between people, such as ethnicity, disability, sexuality, gender, and varying family situations.


British Traditions and Heritage:

  • We explore this through key events throughout the year, such as Remembrance Day, Fireworks and Guy Fawkes Day, whole school Nativity, and Easter and Christmas Christingle Services in the local Church.
  • It is also linked to aspects of our Curriculum, for example WW2 days and visiting local areas of Heritage.


Individual Liberty:

  • Pupils' roles within school, such as the School Council and House leaders.
  • Promoting the pupils' understanding of their responsibilities in school and by understanding the consequences of their actions.
  • School values and rules are displayed around the school.
  • Belonging to the school and developing a sense of community.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Assembly


Lewis, one of our upper school students designed and presented a Powerpoint slideshow about Remembrance Day.  


He has written this himself for our school website:


'My name is Lewis. I made a Remembrance Day slide show to present about how we remember the fallen. I made it on PowerPoint which was great practice for my computing skills. It took a lot of courage for me to stand in front of the whole of upper and middle school but I enjoyed the experience overall.  Here is the poem that I read as a part of the presentation:'


Red is the Colour of Remembrance


Red is for the courage of those that served.

Red is for the carnage into which they were hurled.

Red is for the explosions that rang around their heads.

Red is for the colour of the blood that they shed.

Red is for the skies glow when they lost their lives.

Red is for the anger at their sacrifice.

Red is for the seal on the war office mail.

Red is for the tearful eyes behind the widows veil.

Red is for the wreath on the soldiers grave.

Red is for the poppy worn to remember the brave.