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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Parent Feedback

Below is some of our feedback from parents on their child's progress in Reading and English.


"H's dad and grandad were amazed today. Last year H wouldn’t have been able to write his own  name.. we do lots of stuff with H to encourage and keep his mind busy but as a school and his teachers you’ve done brilliantly helping him progress and develop new skills all of the time. Dad is always working so he never gets to see behind the scenes dad came out with a smile of pride. Thanks everyone!!"


"G really enjoyed reading his book with me before bed, it's one of the first times he's let me read him a book at bed time!"


"I just want to say I'm so amazed at H. He brought the book and sounds home last week and if I'm being totally honest, I did not know that he could do and say the sounds. He says the sounds and follows it with the sentences 'around the apple and down the leaf'. I never ever thought that H would have the attention span to do this or even learn all of the things that he's been doing. I absolutely love the updates that I get from school I always wonder what he's done as he don't tell me the things he gets up to at school but he loves coming every morning and is up and dressed waiting for his bus at 8am haha. The progress we have seen in H is absolutely heartwarming he's such an amazing happy loving boy and to see him thrive in your school makes me so happy."