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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

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Assessment in English

How do we assess in English?


We assess pupils in English using a basket of measures, which have been listed below. 


Speed Sounds Tracker

Three times a year teachers complete a speed sounds tracker to assess the progress pupils have made with their reading. 


Reading Group Tracker

We use a reading tracker to track the RWI groups that pupils are in which shows progress made through the RWI scheme. 


Low Stakes Quizzes

For pupils completing the ARK mastery, at the beginning and end of each unit they will complete a quiz. This enables us to see progress throughout the unit and pupils love to see this themselves too. 


Progress Writes

Six times a year all pupils across the school complete a progress write. Their progress write books follows them throughout their time at school and is a real record of achievement for their writing. 


Reading Leader Assessments

Twice a year the Reading Leader completes phonics assessments of all pupils across the school using the RWI assessment. This is to ensure that pupils groupings are accurate and to assess progress over time. 


Standardised Reading Assessment

All pupils in the school complete a standardised reading assessment once a year, which gives their reading age.


British Picture Vocabulary Scale Assessment

All pupils complete a vocabulary assessment 3 times a year, which enables us to assess pupils' receptive vocabulary. It helps us to identify any gaps in pupils understanding and also to see progress in their vocabulary development. 



At year 11 pupils can be given the opportunity to gain an accreditation in English.