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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life




We all live in a world where science is all around us.  Whether it is deciding what we are going to eat in order to stay healthy, looking after a favourite pet, understanding how the lights in our house work, knowing why the seasons change or understanding how scientists can help the police catch criminals, it is important that we all learn the various scientific strands and how they help shape our lives.  


At Longcause we have created a curriculum which simultaneously intrigues and teaches our pupils to better understand what they see in the world around them in a way which is both accessible and engaging for them. We strive to inspire pupils to experiment, observe and investigate not only within in specific science sessions but within other subjects and when playing. 


We understand how important the acquisition of science capital is and how beneficial this is for our pupils, so the opportunities to reinforce scientific learning are purposely created and explored when and where possible both within the school as well as on trips to see science in action.