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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Early Help & Our Family Team

Early Help


At Longcause we recognise the importance of early help for our families. We understand how targeted support, early interventions and referrals to other services can prevent possible escalation for our pupils and their families. The most effective early help considers the whole family and puts in place as much support as necessary, for as long as it is needed.

Family Team


Part of early help at Longcause is our Family Team. We aim to work closely with our families to ensure they feel supported and a point of contact if required.


Our family team– 



          Anne - Headteacher


         Theresa - Family Support 


            Trudi - Deputy Headteacher 


      Faye - Deputy Headteacher 



As a team we are able to provide support in many different ways, such as;

  • home visits
  • meet with us in school
  • attend meetings with other professionals
  • lead EHAT meetings with the family
  • support with completing forms, for example DLA
  • enquiries or referrals to other services.


Key to any of the above is that families feel that they are given the time to talk and are being listened to; we look to provide time and to facilitate this for our families.


Please contact any of our Family Team for more information or to discuss any concerns/questions.