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Longcause most recent results - KS1-KS3

Information for current year 2019-2020

This end of academic year information has been impacted by Covid-19 lockdown. Final assessment for the year was made in March 2020.

This is an overview of our Pupil Progress information at the end of KS1, KS2 and KS3.  It shows how our pupils are making progress within the core subject areas of English, Maths, Computing, Science and our LLfL curriculum.  It shows how pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding (Ever 6, Service, LAC) are performing against those not receiving this funding. It also shows pupil progress towards end of Key Stage targets in English and Maths.

(Statutory guidance states we need to report on end of KS2 results)


Headlines KS1-KS3 pupil progress information:

  • Pupils in all groups are performing similarly if not better than KS1-KS3 pupils as a whole group. These identified groups are: boys, girls, pupil premium, Ever 6, Middle School pupils, Lower School pupils, non pupil premium, disadvantaged, more able

  • Pupils in all the identified groups are making progress at an increased level on that recorded at end of Term 4. This is with the exception of pupils in the more able group where there has been a slight decrease.


Areas with (+) are an increase on end of term 2 information.  

Areas with (*) are an increase on end of term 4 from last academic year (2018-2019).


Achievement of end of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 targets in English and Maths 2019-2020:

All pupils:



Good to outstanding progress



Expected progress



Not making expected progress target




Pupil Premium pupils:



Good to outstanding progress



Expected progress



Not making expected progress target






Pupil Progress Information for end of academic year 2018-2019

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School Performance Tables


Primary school performance tables are published by the Department for Education annually to provide you with information on the performance the school in comparison to England as a whole.


Tables are compiled using data from all schools, not just those from special schools in England.


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