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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Longcause most recent results - KS1-KS3

Due to the nature of our children (with cognition and learning needs) our recent cohort of KS2 children were disapplied from SATs. However in 2021-22 academic year we had 10 children in Year 6 for whom we submitted the following Teacher assessed data:




PK1 - 6









Engagement model

Pre-Key stages 1 to 6

Has not met the expected standard

Working towards the expected standard

Working at the expected standard

Working at a greater depth within the expected standard

Absent for long periods or recently arrived

Pupil has left the school

Pupil will complete the key stage in the future

Pupil completed the key stage in the past


We do assess our EYFS using the baseline assessment and 100% of our children (3 in 2021/22) were emerging against all of the early learning goals. 



Year 1 phonics screening - 2022


Four pupils in Year 1:


2 pupils disapplied (50%)

1 pupil working towards (25%)

1 pupil working at expected (25%)


Year 1 phonics screening - 2021


Nine pupils in Year 2 (taken late due to COVID)


5 Pupils disapplied (55%)

2 pupils working towards (22%)

2 pupils working at expected (22%) 


2 pupils working towards were able to retake in Summer 2022 due to COVID and now 1 is working towards and one working at.