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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life


Mission statement


Our vision:

Every learner is entitled to benefit from access to a curriculum and a range of learning experiences, which take account of unequal starting points irrespective of the nine protected characteristics or socio-economic background.

At Longcause School we value each individual, encourage effort and foster mutual consideration and respect.  All are given the opportunity to enjoy success and we celebrate achievement, as individuals grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Our aims:

To provide high quality education and support which meets the special educational and personal needs of pupils within the school through:

  • working closely with each individual, identifying and developing strengths as well as  tackling areas of weakness
  • developing open and supportive relationships with parents
  • setting and monitoring learning targets which are challenging and achievable
  • taking a positive lead in the development of pupils cultural, spiritual, moral and social development
  • enabling the pupil to take a measure of control and responsibility for her/his learning and be a partner in that process
  • empowering students to make positive, informed choices
  • promoting positive pupil achievement in all areas of school life
  • providing a multi-disciplinary setting to provide curriculum access to a wide range of needs.