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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life


This information will be reviewed annually in Term 1 of each academic year.

This will support how we work with the current cohort of pupils accessing careers based learning and tailor the provision to meet pupil needs.


Careers Lead -  Joss Lane

Careers support - Jill Jarvis. 

Working alongside James Smith and John Helliwell as Enterprise Advisors and Caroline Stanmore as Enterprise Co-ordinator.

Please use this contact if you would like further information: or phone on 01752 336881

Throughout the Longcause Careers Curriculum provision, pupils will be working on the following eight essential skills:

We also welcome any support and feedback from our families and employers on the careers provision so please see the families and employers page to find out more about how you can make an impact.


Please see the links at the bottom of this page for places where you can get further information and support. Also, our KS4 curriculum page offers further information on qualifications and the Upper School offer including work experience.

These links offer support and useful websites when considering future pathways for your son/daughter...


Apprenticeship information

What is an apprenticeship?

Supporting the pdf - 'What is an apprenticeship?'