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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

Learning for Life

Design Technology

Welcome to DT at Longcause.

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Subject leader Francine Crook
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Design and Technology Curriculum Intent Statement 



What will our pupils experience throughout their D&T curriculum at Longcause?

They will learn basic fine motor skills, develop use of basic tools such as scissors, to engage in making activities whilst also developing designing and evaluating skills.

  • They will learn to develop curiosity at how things work, communication and teamwork skills, problem solving, persistence and resilience.
  •  They will experience skills and activities that will support them in their transition to further education, readiness for work and perhaps will lead to hobbies in adulthood. 


Why do we want this?

Our DT sessions support the development and application of practical skills for life. 

Some of our pupils need support to develop aspects of their executive functioning, our sessions support choice making, initiating and planning. 

Some of our pupils need support with the development of their core and fine motor skills due to the differences in their sensory processing. Our DT sessions support this development which can then lead to development in other areas such as writing, art and lifeskills- dressing and undressing. 

All of our pupils have communication needs and our DT sessions support functional communication skills and communication with others. 



  • Weekly sessions, three times a year. See curriculum progression below. 
  • Three topic challenges taught per year, covering a breadth of skills such as mechanisms, structures, textiles and tool safety. 
  • End of term school markets and relationships with the National  Aquarium e.g. big boat challenges.
  • Primary Explorers  access DT through the learning experiences that take place during their 'Exploring with my senses (food tolerance)’ and ‘Exploring My Imagination and creativity’ sessions. 



  • progressive development of an individual’s practical skills
  • the development of social communication skills with team work in designing, creating, testing and evaluating
  • problem solving
  • an awe and wonder in how things work and an understanding of aesthetic
  • an enjoyment and satisfaction in the designing and making process
  • an understanding of environmental issues 


STEM weeks at Longcause.

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DT curriculum progression and overview