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Longcause Community Special School

Longcause Community Special School

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Welcome to Art at Longcause Community Special School. 

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Art Curriculum Intent Statement



Art provides our students with opportunities to develop and extend skills and is an opportunity to express their individual interests, thoughts and ideas. Our students, whom the majority have a diagnosis of Autism and Cognitive Delay, often pupils have complex needs and our lagging in many areas of development. This means that many find some basic skills in line with their age related expectations challenging.  We therefore believe that it is integral to cover a wide range of basic skills to enhance our students ability in art and across the curriculum, including using basic tools. For this reason, basic skills will be taught alongside the art focus, for example basic skills and 3D Sculpture in one term. This can be seen in our curriculum progression document below. We will aim to inspire our pupils by looking at the work of a range of interesting and engaging artists from different cultures and periods of time. 


What will our pupils experience throughout their art curriculum at Longcause?

Pupils will experience: 

  • Basic skills
  • Paint
  • Drawing
  • Print
  • Collage/ Textiles
  • 3D Sculpture
  • Artists from different cultures


Why do we want this?

Enabling the pupils to experience a breadth of art ranges gives them the opportunity to develop new skills, as well as discover if they have a particular love for an art medium.

Through the areas of art that we offer we are supporting students to:

  • Develop their cultural capital through exploring a range of artists, past and present
  • How art is used in the real world, to make items they use everyday
  • Use a range of tools with different media
  • Develop their fine motor skills
  • Learn about texture
  • Enhance their functional and art vocabulary
  • Drawing techniques to create a sketch for other areas for Art and DT
  • To use natural materials
  • To use fabrics and clay



  • Arts Week once a year, whole school learning about one theme of art and creating art to showcase using a range of media
  • Art to be taught once a week, every other term (three terms out of six) for Adventurer and Pioneer students
  • Students will study basic skills along with the theme of the term, for example, Basic skills and Printmaking
  • Students will study a minimum of one artist per term, students will also view different artists when being introduced to the scheme of work
  • We are able to deliver  ‘Arts Award’, levels ‘Discover’ and ‘Explore’ to those students who have real love of or strength in the area of art
  • Explorers Primary access Art through the learning experiences that take place during their ‘Exploring My Imagination and creativity’ sessions. 



Our goal is for pupils to enjoy art whilst at Longcause, developing an interest in the range of styles we offer, and any they choose to explore. We hope that they choose to enjoy art for pleasure and therefore have an interest outside of school and for their future. 


Art Curriculum Progression Document