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Computing at Longcause
New technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in today’s society, both within schools and in their lives outside school. Consequently, at Longcause we build in the use of these technologies in a variety of ways throughout the school to promote skills for life long learning and future employment.  Computing offers a wealth of learning opportunities across the curriculum and, alongside our own curriculum that has been specifically designed for our students, can assist our children with the development of fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding. 


Our Curriculum has been broken down into specific areas:



At Longcause, E-Safety is recognised as the essential core aspect of Computing.  Constant focus is afforded to how we can stay safe throughout our experiences with internet usage and with new and emerging technology.  We have constructed an E-Safety curriculum that has been tailored to our student's needs, enabling us to provide them with the best opportunities to keep themselves safe online. We consolidate this section of our curriculum with an annual E-Safety and Safer Internet Day in February.



This includes learning how to use programmes such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, in order to represent data gathered from market research and opinion polling.



This part of the curriculum teaches our students to use computers to create images and animations. Here we also develop the skills to use and edit pictures and video footage, then make use of presentation software including Microsoft Powerpoint, and more recently, Adobe Spark to showcase their learning.



This is mainly taught initially through use of 'BeeBots' before moving onto more intuitive software such as Kodu and Scratch. All students are given the opportunity to create their own digital landscapes and games as they progress through the curriculum, alongside being encouraged to use reasoning into how simple algorithms work. 


Technology in our Lives:

Throughout the Technology in our Lives unit, we focus upon many of the contemporary trends that permeate people's everyday usage of ICT.  This includes internet and email usage, blogging, video conferencing and the creation of apps. To promote a positive use of the internet we have set up our own Facebook page and a Digital Leader blog to keep parents and the local community informed about what we are learning in school, and how we are learning to stay safe on the internet.