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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life

Woodland Project

Longcause joined Plymouth University and the Plymouth Woodland Trust.
Alison Smith our botanist from the University joins us six days a year.
We carry out surveys in our local Hardwick Woods.
We look at the different types of trees, find out their age and their health.
We also search and find out how much dead wood is there. Dead wood is excellent in supporting wild life.
Many invertebrates make their homes in it and provide food for other small predators.
We also look at the different types of wild flowers and try and identify them.
We also search for fungi as well.
Everything that we find we record, and this data is fed into a National database, so that health of out woodlands in the UK can be monitored. Longcause students do an excellent job in helping Alison with her project. 
Picture 1 Hardwick Woods - a place of beauty near Longcause
Picture 2 collecting data for UK National Database
Picture 3 invertebrate investigation - they love dead wood
Picture 4 identifying varieties of wild flowers
Picture 5 tar spot on leaves means the air is clean
Picture 6 collecting data looking for tar spot
Picture 7 Dead man's Finger fungus only seen at Halloween
Picture 8 this fungus is called 'jelly ear' !
Picture 9 collecting and identifying leaves
Picture 10 more leaf identification collages
Picture 11 woodland project lichen identification