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Space Odyssey Mobile Planetarium

'Space Odyssey's' Simon Ould, an Astronomer visited Longcause and gave two presentations to pupils from year 7 to year 11.
Simon inflated a huge dome in our school hall which is cleverly filled with air.
This 'mobile planetarium' offers spectacular 360 degree 3D digital experiences.
He delivers high resolutions images, animations, movies and sophisticated computer simulations. The images are projected all around the dome.
The children were treated to a multi - sensory experience which was fully interactive, engaging, fun and unforgettable!

Mrs Pester discusses with Simon some ideas before he arrives and then he plans the presentations to meet the learning needs of the children.
Some groups had just completed a module on the Earth and Space and so the focus was on Space travel and how the scientists are working together to create a vehicle that can travel to Mars to collect data to find any signs of life.
The second group learnt about our Solar system in more depth and learnt that Pluto has been now named as a 'dwarf planet'.
Both groups were inspired by the visual images of the different phases of the Moon, and how the stars can be grouped in different Constellations.
They also enjoyed superb 3D footage of what it is like for astronauts to be inside a capsule as well as 'walking' in space.
The view they have of the Earth is stunning, and is said by many  to be the most beautiful planet.
In fact our Earth is known as the 'Goldilocks' planet - 'not too hot, not too cold, just right' !

It is the third time that Space Odyssey has visited Longcause over the past ten years.

We are all looking forward to Simon visiting again in the not too distant future!
Picture 1 Simon Ould from 'Space Odyssey'
Picture 2 Simon is answering some our pupils' questions
Picture 3 Simon,students ans space education
Picture 4 Our students with Simon outside the dome