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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life


Entry Level:

We are now following the Entry Level syllabus for Science through OCR exam board.  This builds on the previous accredited pathway of Unit Awards.  Pupils from Year 9 upwards are working towards Entry Level 1 to 3 through completing a range of units in the areas of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.  The award requires pupils to sit short 'end of unit' tests as well as a range of 'Can do' tasks and a longer practical element.



We are now delivering Science BTEC to extend our more able students.  The BTEC we are delivering is in Applied Science at Level 1.  We can accredit the Award (6 credits) or Certificate (13 credits) and our learners are working towards the Certificate. We are completing units: Forensic Science, Causes of disease and maintaining health, Healthier living and The Study of living systems.