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R.E at Longcause is taught through discrete lessons and whole school R.E days. We have used the Plymouth SACRE resources to create our own RE curriculum and tailor it to meet the needs of our pupils. Our curriculum is split into 2 main sections- an early and a later stage RE curriculum. The curriculum lends itself to pupils experiencing RE through all types of media such as art, dance, drama and visits to places of worship. Pupil are encouraged to share their own beliefs, ideas and values and to listen to those of others, showing respect for one another. We have many visiting speakers from different faiths and they share their own experiences, beliefs and cultures with our pupils in a way that makes it meaningful for them. We encourage times of collective worship and reflection with each class taking time daily to reflect and consider others in the school and wider community.  Classes reflect on latest events in the news and will often choose this as a worship focus- taking time to meditate, reflect quietly or pray for others involved in the events.


Some classes spent time this year in collective worship thinking about others who were less fortunate than themselves.

RE days

We have regular  R.E days in Longcause when  each phase focuses on a different theme and then shares their class learning through phase togetherness times.  We also have a range of speakers from different faiths.   We find whole school focus days is a good way for our pupils to learn.  Pupils learn about a balance of religions. From celebrating Wesak and meditating, to Celebrating Shavuot with a special meal, we use many different ways of learning about religions and the pupils have produced some amazing work from these days.

Festivals and celebrations.

Three times a year we hold specific celebrations at the local historic church at Plympton St Maurice.  We celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter every year. We love to see all the pupils across the school taking part in our celebrations using songs, music and movement,drama and poems. 
















At Longcause we not only celebrate different religions, but also different languages and cultures.  Throughout the year we have several MFL days which focus on a different language/country for each phase for the whole year.  These special themed days allow for students to discover, learn, practice and explore different languages and practices from around the globe.  We offer a multi-layered approach to these foreign language days as the students explore the wider culture of each country, which can include learning about the words, pronunciation, music, dance, geography and food of each place.