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Some of the topics we cover under the heading of 'Physics' include:
1. Forces & Friction.
Here pupils carried out an investigation around the school to find out which surface had the most and least friction.
They found that on grass the toy car only travelled a few centimetres, but on the wooden floor in the hall the car travelled the furthest.
A fun experiment with jelly cubes and oil resulted in the oiled cubes being very slippery and more difficult to move from one bowl to the other. The oil had reduced the friction between the cube and the chopstick!
2. Gases Around Us
This module partly links in with the one above as pupils created and tested different parachutes and spinners to find out how air resistance can affect the flight of objects.
They also found out how strong air is and launched rockets that travelled high into the sky!
3. Light & Shadow
Pupils learnt how their eyes work and how light travels.
They worked with prisms and found out bout the spectrum of colours and what white light is made from.
They also investigated refraction
4. Electricity
All pupils independently created their own working circuits and found everyday objects that were conductors or insulators.
Picture 1 FORCES - creating a 'spinner'
Picture 2 GASES AROUND US - constructing the rocket
Picture 3 GASES - the air fills the balloon
Picture 4 GASES - the air spreads out into the room
Picture 5 GASES - the balloon collapses as the air escapes
Picture 6 FRICTION - testing different surfaces outside
Picture 7 FRICTION - testing different surfaces in school
Picture 8 FORCES - testing a large parachute
Picture 9 LIGHT - looking at shadows
Picture 10 LIGHT - splitting white light into the spectrum
Picture 11 LIGHT - Refraction and prisms
Picture 12 GASES AROUND US - the power of air
Picture 13 ELECTRICITY - testing for conductors
Picture 14 FRICTION - adding oil lowered the friction