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Phase 4

Phase 4

Phase 4 Leader: Anne Hutchinson


Phase 4 is made up pupils from 4 classes which also includes our Year 10 and Year 11 pupils.  Each pupil within Phase 4 is following a personalised pathway towards accreditation and personal development as we prepare them to move on from Longcause at the end of Year 11. We have carefully organised class groups within Phase 4 to support the wide range of pupil needs as we cater for pupils working towards Functional Skills.


Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is fluid and is evaluated and adapted annually to best meet the needs of the individuals within the cohort. It continues the priorities from the EYFS-KS3 curriculum provision and the intentions to continue to build on pupils’ Cultural Capital.  We are responsive to the needs of upcoming cohorts and, as such, tailor the accreditations on offer.  Key Stage 4 pupils follow a two year topic map which supports them as they work towards end of Year 11 accredited outcomes which include: Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT; ASDAN Personal Social Development; BTEC qualifications in PE, Science and Catering as well as Duke of Edinburgh awards. More detailed information can be found in the KS4 section of our curriculum pages here.


Our expectations for pupils is that they will all leave and start their Post 16 provision with an accredited outcome in:

  • English - Functional Skills EL2-Level 2 
  • Maths - Functional Skills EL2-Level 2 
  • Science - BTEC Certificate or Award at Level 1
  • ICT - Functional Skills EL2-Level 2
  • ASDAN Personal and Social Development - EL3 to  Level 1 or Bronze, Silver, Gold Award
  • Physical Development - BTEC EL3 to Level 1
  • Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze, Silver and start work towards Gold
  • BTEC Home Cooking - Level 1 and Level 2


We also expect that all pupils leaving us at the end of Year 11:

  • Achieve a 'functional reading age' which through research we have stated is approximately 9 years 6 months
  • Can ride a bike
  • Can swim 25 metres unaided


We are continually improving and developing the offer we provide for our KS4 pupils and strive to ensure this has a balance between academic/accredited learning, life skills/ personal development and vocational learning/preparing them for life after Longcause.  To support this, we have developed 'Ten Milestones' that all of our Phase 4 School pupils will work towards. We recognise that pupils may not all achieve every one of the milestones but all of our Key Stage 4 pupils will start the journey towards them. They are:


  • To become an independent traveller

  • Safe and responsible use of a mobile phone

  • Be able to do a wash load and dry the clothes afterwards

  • Cook five key meals for themselves

  • Be secure in own personal hygiene routine

  • Have had an experience of staying away from home overnight

  • Have met up socially with a friend

  • In preparation for Post 16 transition: Completed visits to different work based placements and visited more than one Post 16 provision

  • To be secure in understanding of what ‘healthy living’ is and be aware of how to maintain this through diet, exercise and managing own mental health.

  • To be able to manage own money



As learners move into KS4, the main aim is to prepare them for life after school and into adulthood. Opportunities are provided for pupils to participate in work based experiences, engage in meaningful encounters with employers and take part in enterprise activities building on the Careers curriculum offer in KS3.  This supports them in planning for the transition process from KS4 into Post 16.  Our post-16 transition programme has been developed in close liaison with post 16 providers in the city and the local authority transition plan. Further information about this can be found here. We ensure all pupils have several work placement experiences in a range of different settings and pursue pathways that could lead to voluntary or paid employment for our pupils as they move onto their Post 16 provision.


We also work closely to support transition to Post 16 placements, ensuring this is meaningful and appropriate to the pupil's level of need and ability.  This includes taster days, visits with families, meetings with families, pupils and CSW (Careers South West).