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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life

Phase 3

Phase 3

Phase 3 Leader: Natalie Fallaize


Pupils in Phase 3 are primarily in Years 7-9, however due to the specific needs of our pupils we may at times have pupils from KS2 within our more complex needs class.  Pupils are grouped in classes to meet their needs. Therefore, we have lots of pupils that are working on individualised timetables.


Pupils have a broad and balanced curriculum being delivered through our Longcause schemes of work. However, we are committed to ensure that the needs of the ‘whole child’ are being met. Therefore, this is taught in a flexible and creative way that means that each pupil can access their learning whilst continuing to support their personal development and drive towards independence. We adapt our practice to meet the needs of all pupils so have different schemes of work for pupils to best meet their needs.  We also provide opportunities for exciting and practical learning experiences such as residentials, BEES and trips offsite in order to develop pupils' resilience and problem solving skills.