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Our School Nature Trail at Pathfields

With the help from botanist Alison Smith from Plymouth University we created our School Nature Trail.
It is very close to the school - about a five minute walk to the area known as 'Pathfields'.

There were three main reasons that prompted its creation :

1. The Science National Curriculum recommends that pupils experience classification of plants and animals in their local environment - and that they become familiar with the names of trees,shrubs, flowers and wildlife.

2.The  Curriculum recommends pupils are aware of seasonal changes in their local environment. We aim to visit Pathfields regularly. 

3. Government recommendations are for every child to spend more time outdoors and exercising out in the fresh air, as children do not have the same opportunities as their parents or grandparents had.
This will help in some way to avoid Nature Deficit Disorder and hopefully elicit an interest into them spending more time in the natural Environment with their family and friends.
Picture 1 Pathfields and Ice
Picture 2 Pathfields Autumn
Picture 3 Autumn Bug Hunt at Pathfields
Picture 4 Autumn was exceptionally warm
Picture 5 Huge bumper 'conker' harvest !
Picture 6 Pathfields Summer - grass cutting
Picture 7 Collecting and identifying invertebrates Autumn
Picture 8 Tree identification Autumn
Picture 9 Pathfields trail Autumn
Picture 10 Pathfields trail Winter