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Middle School

In Middle School we follow a coverage map in English to ensure full coverage for pupils. We ensure that our pupils are exposed to a wide variety of genres and text types and that this changes each term. This also builds on learning from Lower School.  Below is the Middle School topic map and English coverage map:



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 1

Fact or Fiction?


English: Myths and Legends

What impact does War have on us?


English: Diaries

How can we live healthy lives?


English: Letters

How are things made?


English: Instructions 

What can we learn about different cultures?


English: Other cultures/other traditions

What is technology?


English: E-mail

Year 2

What are the British Values?


English: Narratives about real life/ familiar settings/modern/diary/recount

What are consequences?


English: Letters 

What is monarchy?


English: Newspaper articles

How has the world changed?


English: Historical/Literary Heritage

Where can we travel?


English: Traditional Tales/ Fables

What is the world like today?


English: Modern day/ Contemporary

Year 3

How have we evolved?


English: Recounts - could be combined with newspapers

How can we use our imagination?



A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

What are the 5 senses? The world outdoors 


English: Poetry 

Where do we live?


English: Fairy Stories or another modern day/ Contemporary

Who inspires us?


English: Letters

How can we live more independent lives?


English: Fiction

Year 4

How do we learn about the past?


English: Reference books

What do we need money for?


English: Fiction

What are the 4 elements?


English: Poetry

How can we express ourselves?


English: Playscripts 

How can we save the planet?


English: Non-chronological text

What does our future hold?


English: Form filling


Have a look below to see all the great learning we have been doing in middle school in English! 

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