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Leader of Behaviour and Emotional Support- Shaughn Lewis

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After graduating from a four year BEd Hons degree, I began my career at Colnbrook Special School in Watford. At Colnbrook I worked with pupils who had complex needs and communication difficulties. I have always been interested and eager to work with pupils with Special Educational Needs, particularly children with Autism. After a successful period at Colnbook I joined Longcause.

I joined Longcause in September 2011 as a teacher leading Physical Education and became Head of Upper School in October 2012. Working with such a committed and supportive staff has helped me realise the importance of communication and team work. Not only have I learnt and developed professionally from the staff, I have learnt from the pupils themselves. I have a real passion for getting to know the pupils that I work with. This allows me to get a better understanding of their needs and how I can help support them now and prepare them for life after Longcause!


My role at Longcause has developed further and I am now the Leader of Behaviour and Emotional support. It is vital to ensure that the emotional needs of staff and pupils are being met and that is what this role is about. I provide a support network for staff to liaise and problem solve how best we can support the needs of the pupils in the school. I am involved in dealing with the emotional support interventions and providing staff with relevant training to best support our pupils. The emphasis is on encouraging an empathic and accepting ethos where pupils can build positive relationships resulting in them feeling safe.