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History and Geography

 History and Geography at Longcause 


History Intent


Our History curriculum is intended to enable children to acquire an understanding of time, events and people in their lives. We want to inspire pupils' curiosity to know more about the past and to use this knowledge to gain an understanding of themselves and the world around them. We want our pupils to experience a breadth of knowledge to enable them to expand their understanding of significant past events beyond those they may have experienced themselves. We know our pupils with Autism can find it challenging to acknowledge experiences outside of their own personal view of the world and therefore it is important that through History we are able to offer children different perspectives. 


We have chosen the way in which we deliver our history content based on our pupils’ needs and development, whilst also understanding the need for a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to give our pupils an experience of History that is multi-sensory, to include; drama, role-play, objects, artefacts, sensory experiences, stories. Many of our pupils have a limited vocabulary and therefore we place a significant importance on teaching children a wide range of relevant and purposeful vocabulary through History in order to increase their cultural capital. We integrate History into our topic work wherever possible, to immerse the children in the learning. Our History curriculum incorporates the coverage required from the National Curriculum and the History coverage map provides more details of this.


We hope through our History curriculum that our pupils will have a better understanding of the past, themselves and their own lives. We want our pupils to know that things have been different before and could be different in the future, knowing that their own experiences aren’t necessarily reflective of the wider world. We hope our pupils will be curious and inquisitive and will develop an increased ability to find out about things that interest them during their time at Longcause and beyond. 


Geography Intent 


What will our pupils experience through their Geography curriculum at Longcause?


Our Geography curriculum is intended to provide a purposeful means for exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live. We hope to encourage children’s curiosity about the world around them, both immediate and further afield. 


Our Geography curriculum will provide opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge of the wider world, including being exposed to a wide range of vocabulary to increase their cultural capital. Furthermore, we aim to support children to establish links between what they know, have experienced, and what they can find out through exploration. This will enable them to have an awareness of similarities and differences between people and places, which is particularly important for our children with Autism. 


Fieldwork skills will be at the heart of our Geography curriculum. Our Geography curriculum enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas and which can, and are used to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

Longcause History Experiences

Longcause Geography Experiences