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Linda Bell: Chair of Governors.   I have been a Governor at Longcause School since 2008. I joined initially as a Parent Governor, as my son was at Longcause School for 8 years.  I became Chair of Governors in 2011.   My previous experience is working in a bank, followed by working for Devon & Cornwall Police.  This involved managing large numbers of staff ensuring a great understanding of personnel and HR matters on top of general police duties. My duties as a governor include Safeguarding, Looked After Children (LAC) and E-Safety. I also have monitoring responsibilities for the area of the School Improvement Plan focused around Our Staff Development.

Anne Thorne: Head Teacher    I have been Headteacher at Longcause school since January 2010. I have worked for many years as a teacher for children with Autism. I am passionate about increasing understanding of Autism and in working with families for the best outcomes for their child and family. I have two adult children of my own.  I’m a friendly person and like meeting people so please feel free to come and chat to me.

Alan Charlick: Vice Chair of Governors.  I have been a governor now for over 5 years and have served as a Parent Governor for all of that time. My son is currently in year 11 and is in his final year at Longcause. I have carried out numerous and varied roles during my time as a governor here at Longcause and I am currently the key monitoring governor for area of the Schools Improvement Plan which focusses on the physical development of the all the pupils here at Longcause. I am delighted to be delegated this particular role as I am a firm believer that the physical wellbeing of individuals is very important.

Leanne Thirlby: Co-opted Governor

I have been the Deputy Head at Longcause since October 2011.  Prior to this I taught in mainstream primary schools across the city and also in Prague.  My experience lies in the curriculum and its development as well as analysis of pupil progress information so that we can celebrate the achievements our pupils are making. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our pupils as individuals, learning about their needs and thinking creatively about how we can best help them to learn and succeed as they move through Longcause and onto other things.  


Tim Lloyd, Local Authority Governor.  I have had a connection to Longcause for many years through working in the school as a TA and now working for the school supplying apprentices, advice and guidance.  I work in most of the schools (Primary and Secondary) across Devon and Cornwall as a Teaching and Education Advisor and supplier of apprentices.

My experience is in Education and the Arts.  I look forward to meeting students and parents through school visits and events throughout the year.

Rebecca Drury, Vice Governor, Co-opted: I have a son who used to attend Longcause. Becoming a governor allowed me to get more involved in my sons education and at the same time help promote better understanding of the dedication the staff at Longcause have for the children. I am currently the key monitoring governor for the area in the School Improvement Plan which is focused on our families, friends and community. A very important part of my overall responsibilities as a governor is that of the Safeguarding Governor.

Zoe Preston, Staff Governor: I have been a member of staff here at Longcause for several years now and during that time I have worked throughout the school. I am also the lead monitoring governor for the Pupil Emotional Development area of the School Improvement Plan.





Sam Sullivan, Parent Governor:  I have worked with care leavers for the past year and am now a deputy Manager of a children's home.  I studied social work for 2 years which has led me into a career in social care.  I'm extremely passionate about SEN and proactively advocate for the individuals needs to be heard and met in a child centred way

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attended 2018/19



Linda Bell




18.07.19 18.07.23 None

Daughter TA 

at school


Alan Robert Charlick


(Vice Chair)

25.03.15 24.03.19 None None



Rebecca Drury

Parent 19.07.16 18.07.20 None None    
Timothy Lloyd



07.11.17 07.11.21

Skills Group,

provides apprentices



Leanne Thirlby Co-Opted 01.09.14 01.09.18 None None


Anne Thorne Headteacher 01.01.10

For duration

of role

Son works on casual 

basis at the school



Zoe Preston Staff 22.09.16 21.09.20 None None


Samantha Sullivan Parent 23.05.19 23.05.23 None Pupil at school    
Gemma Beggs Parent 23.05.19 23.05.23 None Pupil at school    
Previous Governors:              
Mike Thomas LA   October 2017     6  
Sid Siddalls Parent   July 2019        


Chair of Governors contact details:  You can contact Linda Bell by either writing to the school and clearly addressing the envelope to the Chair of Governors, by phoning on 01752 336881 whereby a message can be taken and passed on, or emailing at


Clerk to Board of Governors, Julie Alderson, can be contacted on 01752 336881, or via email at  Alternatively you can address a letter to Julie Alderson at the school address.

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