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Duke of Edinburgh Award and vocational opportunities

This area looks at the opportunities the pupils have to partake in vocational activities, leisure activities and Duke of Edinburgh Award at Longcause. 


All KS4 pupils take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  This year we have pupils working towards their Bronze Award as well as some building on last year's success and working towards their Silver Award.  The Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) consists of 4 elements at Bronze and Silver level - Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition.  Pupils are required to complete set numbers of hours in each element and staff work with pupils to ensure this is achievable. The activities are also designed to engage the pupils with skills that they will be able to use once they have left Longcause. 


In addition, the experiences throughout the D of E Award aims to engage pupils with social interaction and allow them to build friendships within their peer groups, in turn helping them with social situations outside of school and provides opportunities to take an activity, hobby or interest and transfer it to outside of school.


As well as D of E, Longcause offers work experience and travel training. These could also form part of the D of E Award.


Travel training aims to teach the pupils to travel independently. This is a vital skill for the pupils once they leave Longcause as they will have to plan routes and use public transport.


Work experience is important as it gives the pupils an idea of what having a job is like. It lets the pupils find out what they enjoy doing and potentially would enjoy as a job. It allows the pupils to see what life after school is like.