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Art and DT

Welcome to the Art & Design and Technology page! 


Art and DT are fantastic and fun subject areas. At Longcause we enjoy celebrating Art and DT in cross curricular lessons. Each term we have either an art or a DT focus. 


Art Curriculum Intent Video

Still image for this video

Through our Art curriculum we wish to foster

  • a hierarchical curriculum to build on the students skills

  • a range of experiences through different art forms

  • basic skills that can help in a range of real life situations

  • an understanding of finishing and starting a process

  • the opportunity to create, using their own ideas


Longcause enable students to engage with art through

  • weekly lessons to develop skills

  • sensory experiences

  • Arts Week to encounter a range of arts around a theme

  • some students are able to access Art Award, Discover or Explore Certificates. 


Art Exibition

A selection of art from across the school

Arts Award


DT intent video

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In our DT sessions we focus on real life experiences and have developed learning through

  • forest school activities

  • annual STEM weeks

  • projects

  • end of term school markets

  • relationships with the National Aquarium eg big boat challenges.


Through our DT curriculum we wish to foster 

  • progressive development of an individual’s practical skills

  • an awe and wonder in how things work

  • an enjoyment and satisfaction in the designing and making process

  • an understanding of aesthetic

  • an understanding of environmental issues 

  • problem solving (each DT topic begins with a challenge )

  • the development of social communication skills with team work in designing, creating, testing and evaluating.



KS3 & 4  participate in the big boat challenges.

The big boat challenge

Each year we have a STEAM week challenge week. We have had a designing a race car theme a robotics theme and a transport theme. 

Each topic begins with a challenge to support the pupils' development of problem solving. The topics ensure a good breadth of coverage of skills across the year.