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Longcause Community Social Hub

In January Longcause Family Support Team set up a Community Support Group. We hope that this is an opportunity for families to meet up and share different experiences with each other—it could be that things are going well for families; but this is also important for other families to hear, as they are perhaps finding things more difficult.

Initially the Group will meet at Longcause School but with a view to move outside of the building once the Group is established; perhaps even take in a lunch or two!!


Family Hub Dates:


Tues 10 Oct @10.45 - Longcause School

Mon 19 Jun @ 11am - Longcause School

Mon 22 May @ 11am - Longcause School

Mon 24 Apr @ 11am - Longcause School

Mon 27 Mar @ 1.30pm - Longcause School

Mon 27 Feb @ 10.30am - Longcause School

Mon 30 Jan @ 10am - Longcause School