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Welcome to the Learning for Life Webpage!  

At Longcause School, we recognise that some children will find the development of specific social skills and life skills a challenge. Within some settings it may be taken for granted that these skills will naturally occur, however at Longcause School we understand that these skills need to be directly taught. As a result of this Longcause School has created it's own unique PSHE curriculum which we name our 'Learning for Life Curriculum' (LLfL) 


Our Learning for Life Curriculum is split into different strands:



Social Communication: Engagement, Early & Later Stages

Life Skills: Safety inside the home, Safety outside the home
Looking after a home, Personal Health & Safety

Drugs and Alcohol Education

Sex and Relationship Education

At Longcause School we understand that these skills are as important, if not more, as other subjects because they are built around our pupils' individual needs for their future lives. Through enterprise days we also ensure that LLfL flows through all aspects of our curriculum and the pupils' experiences here at Longcause School. 




This year we are exploring how we can use 'Talkabout' to enhance and extend our social skills curriculum.




'Talkabout' has been created by Alex Kelly as a way of supporting pupils to develop crucial social  skills through practical and small group based activities.  We will begin our work at Longcause by looking at how to develop our pupils self esteem and self awareness to create the foundations for effective social communication. 


To find out more about the work of Alex Kelly and the 'Talkabout' scheme please visit the following website:


This term KS2, KS3 and KS4 are focussing on developing their Self-awareness and Self-esteem through regular Talkabout sessions. You can support us with this by asking your child how they are feeling today. Here are some of the words we are using: happy, sad, angry, tired and worried.