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Family Project

Why did we start the family project? What is it? How does it work in our school?

Impact of the project- family views and feedback, visiting professionals feedback.

Workshop opportunity for other schools and professionals to come and hear about our innovative family project.

Dear Anne


I’m sure Alison L has already contacted you to say thank you to you and your team for being so welcoming to us this week. I just thought I’d very quickly offer my own thanks and thoughts. My trip to Longcause really touched me – perhaps I’ve been stuck in an office for too long away from the real world but I did find the day we spent with you to be very emotional – in a rewarding and life-affirming sense. Obviously, the project was amazing but the thing that I was most struck by was your team. I’ve been around the block a few times and have been involved with many schools or organisations but never have I seen a team that was so … I don’t quite know what the word is … so together, actually so like a family.


One incident that stayed with me was when it was brought up that somebody had to challenge Mum about (I think ****) use of nappies. I loved the way that it was suggested that Richard would be the one who knew what to do but that he should explain it to another member of staff so that it could be explained to Mum in simple terms! And that all that was done with such knowing humour and good grace that revealed how deeply and intimately everyone knew each other and how they felt totally safe and bonded with each other. It was a simple but lovely moment.


And of course, in each of the sessions there was such incredible skill, energy and real love for those children. I noticed this in the corridors too with other staff and children that I saw even in passing. Literally everyone seemed to be smiling. All the time!


I imagine you must go home each weekend exhausted but extremely proud of your colleagues and your students.


Thank you Anne and please thank your team for being so inspiring and restoring an old man’s faith in life.


Ian Sutton

Commissioning Officer

Children and Young People's Services- Strategic Commissioning

London Borough of Newham