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Functional Skills:

At Key Stage 4 all pupils will follow a Functional Skills based curriculum for English.  Towards the end of Year 11 pupils will be entered for Functional Skills accreditation ranging from Entry Level 1  through to Level 2.  We currently use OCR exam board and the accreditation is made up of a reading exam, writing exam and a speaking & listening exam. Pupils have to pass all three elements to be awarded Functional Skills in English at the level they have been entered.  At Entry Level, the exam is less formal and set up as a short learning task.  As pupils reach Level 1 and 2, the arrangements become more formal and exam like.



We have a small group of Year 10 and 11 pupils studying for English GCSE through WJEC exam board.  Both Year 10 and Year 11 pupils will sit this exam in June.  Year 10 pupils have a further opportunity to build on their achievement in Year 11.  

The syllabus will change for the current Year 10 pupils as all exam boards are moving away from a final award being made up of coursework based evidence and a final exam towards all pupils being assessed by final exam.