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Longcause Community Special School Learning for Life

Deputy Headteacher - Leanne Thirlby

I took up the post of Head of Lower School in June 2011 and Deputy Headship in October 2011,  after spending 11 years teaching in mainstream Primary. My most recent post before Longcause was Assistant Headteacher of a large Plymouth primary School and subsequent to that, I had worked in an inner city Plymouth Primary where I progressed from an early career teacher to a member of the senior leadership team. I have also taught in an International School in Prague, which was an amazing experience.


My decision to move away from mainstream into special education was made for a variety of reasons; one of the most significant being the experience of battling to meet the needs of statemented and autistic children in a mainstream environment. Joining Longcause has been an extremely steep learning curve yet very rewarding experience so far. The team we have at Longcause are dedicated to ensuring that our pupils come to school each day to be part of an enagaging, happy and safe learning environment which supports them with every aspect of their education and needs and I thoroughly enjoy being part of this team.